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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Karl Eliasberg - Bach, J.S. - Mass in B Minor (24.04.1957 - Live - Leningrad) FLAC/MP3

Bach, J.S. - Mass in B Minor

Soloists Choir, Choir Chapel,
Leningrad Symphonic Orchestra
Karl Eliasberg, conductor

Grand Hall of Leningrad Philharmonic, Live, 24.04.1957

Radio Petersburg



  2. Внутренняя ошибка сервиса.

    Мы уже в курсе и стараемся исправить как можно быстрее. Возвращайтесь немного позже, все уже будет работать.

    The page is unavailable.... I should think this is "temporary" complication, right? Eventually, let us know. MUST have this B minor Mass...

    1. Yes. Need to try several times. Copy and paste the link into your browser.


  4. I GOT IT..... the problem with the page was "temporary"!.... Just wanted to let you know!! MANY THANKS FOR THIS TREASURE...

  5. Thank you for this wonderful performance!

    Some movements are missing. Were these omitted from the original performance? Or is there any way to recover them?

    The soloists are not named. Is there any information about them?

    A few notes:

    flac file 02:
    the last minute or so at the end of cum sanctu spirito is cut off

    file 09 has complete quoniam + cum sancto spiritu
    (interesting that there's an oboe instead of the usual horn in the quoniam)

    credo: the b minor mass has 2 credo movements; credo I is missing.

    file 10 = credo II

    ---- et in unum dominum - missing

    11 = et incarnatus est

    12 = crucifixus

    13 = et resurrexit

    14 = et in spiritum sanctum

    ---- confiteor - missing

    ---- et expecto resurrectionem - missing

    15 = sanctus, osanna I

    16 = benedictus

    17 = osanna II

    18 = agnus dei

    19 = dona nobis pacem

    Hope this is helpful to you!
    Thanks again!

    1. Dear sneffels,

      Thank you for your analysis.
      There is a lack of parts - can be for two reasons:
      A. Live performance can not be too long.
      Two. Radio program "Unforgettable concerts" lasts - 1 hour 45 minutes - no more.

      Soloists of the unknown (the announcer says: Soloists Choir)

      This is a compilation of my two accounts with the radio (original mp3).

      Here mp3:

      They sing "Kyrie eleison" during the godless government!